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Mouctar Diakhaby accuses Cadiz defender Juan Cala of racially assaulting him during a Spanish league match.

The Valencia players left the pitch in a Spanish league game in Cadiz after defender Mouctar Diakhaby accused an opponent of racially assaulting him.

The players finally returned to the pitch at the behest of Diakhaby, who had shared a heated exchange with Juan Cala de Cadiz in the La Liga game on Sunday before telling the referee that he was leaving the pitch, the team-mates of the French next next. off at the 37th minute.

Cadiz also went down the tunnel shortly after.

About 15 minutes later the Valencia team returned and five minutes later play resumed, this time without Diakhaby.

A statement from Valencia said the team had decided to resume play “to fight for the honor of the club, but denounce racism of any kind”.

A second statement from the club added that Diakhaby had asked his teammates to return to the pitch.

“We support you Mouctar,” said the press release on Twitter.

Diakhaby was replaced by Hugo Guillamon and watched the second half sitting in the stands.

Valencia coach Javi Gracia later said they were told they would be punished if they refused to return to the game.

“In the locker room, we were told that if we didn’t come back we would be penalized,” said Gracia, who did not say who made the threat.

“At that point, we spoke with Diakha, how he was, and he told us that he would not play but he fully understood that we had to keep playing to avoid a possible sanction, so we came back. .

Cádiz coach Alvaro Cervera said Cala had insisted he had not insulted Diakhaby.

“We went back to the locker room, we talked,” Cervera said. “Cala said that at no time did he insult the player. I believe in my player. “

La Liga did not comment on the incident after the game.

An official complaint from Valencia or a mention of the incident in the referee’s report could lead to further investigation and sanctions against Cadiz.

The president of the Valencian regional government Ximo Puig wrote on Twitter: “Equality and rejection of racism. This is the most important match. A hug to Diakhaby. It is his house, his land.

Defender Cala gave Cadiz the lead in the 14th minute, although Kevin Gameiro quickly equalized for the visitors.

Cala remained on the pitch after the game resumed and Diakhaby was gone, although he was also replaced at half-time by Marcos Mauro, who scored the 88th minute winner for Cadiz.

Athletic Bilbao’s Inaki Williams last month testified in court as part of an investigation into Espanyol fans who racially insulted him during a game in January last year .

In December 2019, a second-tier match between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete was suspended after Albacete refused to come out for the second half following chants from Rayo supporters calling their striker Roman Zozulya a Nazi.

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